7 of the Most Endangered Animals

Did you know there are less than 100 of some species? Poaching, land development, and more have contributed to the decline of many of our beloved species. We list seven of the most endangered animals and what we can do to help them. Read on...#1 may surprise you!

How Wildlife Is Affected By Climate Change

When you hear the word “wildlife,” what comes to mind for you? For many, we immediately think of some of earth’s amazing animals, like lions, elephants, bears, toucans - there’s so many it’s impossible to list them all!  The truth about wildlife we might not think of at first is the fact each of these beautiful creatures require an entire ecosystem to survive. For each of these amazing animals,...

Who Protects Wildlife?

Animals, plants, and their habitats are protected by wildlife conservation. Conserving wildlife means ensuring the enjoyment of our natural world for future generations, as well as its incredible wildlife. Understanding how species interact within ecosystems and how they are affected by human and environmental influences can help protect wildlife. We are all responsible for protecting the speci...

Wildlife Conservation

When a discussion arises about endangered animals and wildlife conservation, it might seem like a job for scientists and non-profit organizations, and they definitely play a critical role and are a large part of wildlife conservation. However, it is important to remember that there is a lot that we can do locally and as individuals as well. Here's a quick guide on ways to help endangered animal...
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